Your investment can create a powerful spiritual and economic impact. By investing in one of our partner projects, you will be helping to finance a business, owned and operated by a faith-driven entrepreneur, that is providing jobs to a community, even as it seeks to influence that community for eternity. We call these businesses “missional enterprises”.

Below you can find an overview of the projects that you can invest in.

North africa
poultry farm north africa

Agricultural Business Africa

In this project we work closely together with the local church. One of the church leaders owns a few hundred hectares of property spread out over the country He is willing to use it for the benefit of the Church.

This local church is envisioning to start farms that create income for their bible school, while at the same time providing services to the local agricultural sector. The first step is to research potential business ideas that fit to the agro-economic setting of this country.



of the €15.000 that is needed for this project is raised yet


of the people in this country are christian

North africa
poultry farm north africa

Sandwich panel Factory Europe

Together with a local entrepreneur and a real estate developer, we established a new factory. The factory produces sandwich panels and prefabricated houses. There is a wood workshop, glueing tables, an office, a demonstration house, and sizable storage. From our factory we ship prefabricated houses as far as Belarus and the Netherlands.

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of the €100.000 that is needed for this project is raised yet


of the people in this country are working abroad due to the lack of employment opportunities

North africa
poultry farm north africa

1 ha orchards Central Asia

World Partners developed a concept in which we set up a 1-hectare apple orchard with local pastors, to provide the pastor and the church with income. The orchard also offers a place to be active in the centre of society.

We set up these orchards with modern irrigation and tree management techniques and train the pastors to successfully manage their business. Our local team supports with technical know-how and trains the pastors until they can operate their business independently.




of the €27.000 that is needed for this project is raised yet


of the people in this country lives in poverty

oyster mushroom
oyster mushroom

Oyster Mushrooms Production Demo

World Partners has developed a number of concepts where we start small businesses that provide work and income for 1-2 families. These concepts are easy to duplicate and have been set up in various regions over the past years.

A new concept for this type of business is oyster mushroom production, in which we set up an oyster mushroom laboratory and production site in a sea container. Oyster mushrooms grow on compost and are easily satisfied with the growing conditions.

Before we expand this, we first want to test the concept by means of a trial location. Based on this trial, we will be able to successfully duplicate the concept to various regions in Central Asia



of the €4250 that is needed for this project is raised yet

The oyster mushroom is the second most consumed mushroom worldwide, after the white belly mushroom

Business as Mission Pioneer position
poultry farm north africa

Pioneer Position North Africa


We want to send an agricultural expert to a country in North Africa in the 10-40 framework, the region between the 10th and 40th latitude where 90% of the people live that are not reached with the Gospel yet. We will send this person with the aim of further developing a local BAM company around nut cultivation there. In addition, this person can be a link to sell technology from the Netherlands in order to generate income from it that will support a local team in the long term. In this way the local work can be supported from local business income in the long term.



of the €35200 that is needed for this project is raised yet


of the people in this country are muslim

How can you invest?

Invest in our projects by adopting a part of them. Another option is that you give a loan. 

Curious which kind of investment suits you the best and what the return of investment is?

Contact us and we will discuss the best option with you.

Invest in our projects through donating. This can be a one-time donation or you can become a donor.

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Invest in our projects by investing your time and skills. Check our vacancies for opportunities!

No vacancies to match your talents? Contact us to see if we can find a suitable project.

Invest spiritually

Through our businesses we want to reach people who live in spiritually unreached countries. This is often quite challenging.

We are grateful for your prayers as we seek to create sustainable businesses which positively impact the community while shining the light of Christ to unreached people. Please pray for those who work in the businesses we start, for their physical protection, perseverance in difficulties, and witness for Christ.

The way we work

Partnerships with purpose

Our partnership businesses have been thoroughly screened for sound and viable business practices, and also for the pursuit of deep spiritual impact. In most cases, before they ever appear on these pages, they have undergone a rigorous business plan upgrade, under the advisement of several of our highly qualified advisors. These same advisors remain with the business in board positions, continuing to coach and oversee the management team.

The same advisement process takes place regarding the spiritual goals of the company. Spiritual impact can take many forms. In addition to creating sustainable businesses with ethical business practices, all of our partners funnel profits toward recovery centers, church planting, elder support, or orphan care. All our partners are fully dedicated to a deep and lasting spiritual influence where they live and work.

Invest to impact

Our business start-ups are intentionally built in challenging environments where there is substantial need resulting in the utmost impact. Most of the projects we support represent a transition for those in a community from surviving to thriving as members of the community are provided with economic and spiritual sustenance.

Supporting these projects is possible by investment, providing a loan directly to one of our business start-ups, or donating to World Partners. If you choose to donate directly, World Partners will use your donation to fund projects by paying for necessary capital or providing loans to project partners as needed. If you have found our business model inspiring and would like to collaborate, we would love to hear from you and discuss how we can support missional business endeavors together.