Europe: Sandwich panel factory

Located between the European and Russian markets, regulations in this country make it very difficult to export to either of these markets. For this reason very few companies are interested in investing. Additionally, human trafficking rates are the highest in all of Europe in this region and families are frequently split up as one or both parents move abroad to earn an income for the family. To address these challenges, we started a factory in this country which faces steep economic challenges to create opportunities where they are most needed.

Together with a local entrepreneur and a real estate developer, we established a new factory. The factory produces sandwich panels and prefabricated houses. There is a wood workshop, glueing tables, an office, a demonstration house, and sizable storage. From our factory we ship prefabricated houses as far as Belarus and the Netherlands.

Currently, just over 15 people are employed at the factory. Each of them is provided with spiritual training and personal support as we seek to understand the unique challenges of life in this region. We are on track to double our sales in 2020 and are hopeful given the success we have seen thus far. If you have business contacts in the construction sector we are very open to collaboration and expanding our network. As the company grows, we will be able to provide more jobs for those in the community and give financial and emotional stability to families.

people directly involved

families remain together due to a solid local income

projects installed in 2020

Delivery and installation throughout Europe