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Een cashew die nog aan de appel hangt

Cashew plantation

This cashew plantation is founded in 2000. This plantation contributes to more employment in Tanzania and children can go to school.

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Zaad wat in de zaadmachine wordt gedaan


This farm in Ukraine is founded as an independent enterprise. This company consists of rented land, machinery and buildings. Currently 300 hectares of land is being cultivated with potatoes, grains, rapeseed and soy.

Also former addicts work there besides the fixed staff and seasonal workers.

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Hydroponics tuin met verschillende groente

Building a future

The huge refugee crisis is demanding for action. A lot of refugees are living under difficult circumstances without acces to work, income and healthy food. Together with you we want to support refugees by providing a small garden, based on hydroponics.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently - Henry Ford

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Upcoming companies

Aquaponics in Almelo, The Netherlands

Together with different parties in Almelo we have developed a project. Through aquaponics, we want to provide the food distribution centre with fresh vegetables and the fish will be bought by the Theaterschool (school of theatre) in Almelo. The vegetables will be cultivated by the students of an agrultural professional school. At the same time there is room for people with a disability to learn on the spot.

Seeds Africa

In Sierra Leone we are busy supporting agricultural activities through encouraging trade entailing the production, processing and storage of seeds.

Panel factory

In Moldova currently a factory is being started. This factory will produce prefab houses and system panels for walls. Due to a special construction technique, the houses will be ecofriendly. They can be made inside so during the harsh winter, the production can continue. Within Europe there are already several clients.
The factory will be located in the poor south of Moldova. It provides employment and youngsters will be trained as well.

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