Our mission and vision



World Partners sees a world where dynamic, missional entrepreneurs and their enterprises are unleashed to bring deep and lasting change. We believe the marketplace is a rich repository of spiritual and ministry insight, but one that often goes untapped. Because of this, the marketplace is an essential partner to extend the Kingdom to under-served communities. All over the world, missional entrepreneurs can bring both spiritual and economic hope, to places where these needs are deeply intertwined.


We operate at the intersection of faith and business seeking to accelerate the impact of missional entrepreneurs and their enterprises. We accomplish this by resourcing business-as-mission endeavors with strategy help, industry expertise and networks, and funding sources. As entrepreneurs grow their enterprises, they launch and support local outreach, create jobs, and transform entire communities in a wholistic way. Our model provides sustainable outreach and sustainable development.

iconondernemen World Partners sees business as a locus for change. In many countries crucial for growing private enterprise are missing. Through your partnership, we empower entrepreneurs to grow their business and accelerate their impact.
iconsociaal We believe that it is important that business people are socially engaged. We encourage the business people with whom we work to put this principle into practice. Social engagement can be expressed in two ways: by running a business which respects people and the environment and by using money from the business for social projects.
icongeestelijk We work from a Christian perspective. We believe in a loving God and want to help in places where our assistance can be of relevance. We, therefore, think it is important that, within every project, we look at how people in the project’s surroundings can find their true worth again and develop spiritually.
over-activiteiten Worldpartners puts its vision into practice in the following way:

  • Starting, developing and supporting business projects.
  • Building and maintaining relationships between worldpartnes and local Christian communities.
  • Supporting social projects aimed at the material and spiritual welfare of the local population.