Stimulating entrepreneurship in developing countries.

worldpartners is a development organization which helps set up and run businesses. These businesses ensure, together with worldpartners, that part of their income goes to social projects for the local community.



I was sick last week. Luckily this gave me the opportunity to watch a number of episodes of ‘De wereld draait door’. A discussion between Roos Schlikker and the philosopher Désanne van Brederode caught my imagination. It was about the public reaction to the disappearance of Ruben and Julian. Searches were organized and the news was a trending topic in social media. Everyone was talking about it. It appeared as though the whole of the Netherlands had been brought into action. Was this an exception?

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Last Friday on 1 June worldpartners and Agrinas signed an official cooperation agreement. To a successful future!

  • Office
  • Harold
  • Nicoline
  • Willem-Jelle

worldpartners head-office is in Renkum in the Netherlands. Four people work in the office in the Netherlands. From Renkum we manage the contacts with our foreign projects and organize campaigns. Worldpartners’ office is in the same building as Euro-Com International. Euro-Com International has made the space available as a gift.


Harold is the project manager responsible for managing our projects in Indonesia. He works as a fundraiser and also advises on IT issues.

Nicoline is worldpartners’ office manager. She is the Dutch project manager for our social projects in the Ukraine. She also works as office manager for Euro-Com Translations.


Willem-Jelle is specialized in communication and media. He works three days a week as the head of communication for worldpartners.